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Oil & Gas Competitiveness Review Board 

Information on the Oil & Gas Competitiveness Review Board (O&G CRB) 

The Oil and Gas Competitiveness Review Board was established in Senate Bill 21, passed by the Alaska Legislature in 2013.

The duty of the board is to take a complete view of oil and gas exploration, development and production in the state and make recommendations to the Alaska Legislature. The board will initially consider the state’s regulatory and permitting environment and the effectiveness of workforce development efforts.

The board consists of 11 members: 2 members nominated by the two leading nonprofit trade associations representing the oil and gas industry in the state and appointed by the governor, with one member nominated by each association; the chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission or chair's designee; 3 members of the public appointed by the governor, one petroleum engineer, one geologist, and one financial analyst; the commissioner of environmental conservation or the commissioner's designee; the commissioner of natural resources or the commissioner's designee; the commissioner of revenue or the commissioner's designee; and two members of the public who do not represent the oil and gas industry, appointed by the governor.

Function: The board is to establish and maintain a salient collection of information related to oil and gas exploration, development, and production in the state and related to tax structures, rates, and credits in other regions with oil and gas resources; review historical, current, and potential levels of investment in the state's oil and gas sector; identify factors that affect investment in oil and gas exploration, development, and production in the state, including tax structure, rates, and credits; royalty requirements; infrastructure; workforce availability; and regulatory requirements; review the competitive position of the state to attract and maintain investment in the oil and gas sector in the state as compared to the competitive position of other regions with oil and gas resources; in order to facilitate the work of the board, establish procedures to accept and keep confidential information that is beneficial to the work of the board, including the creation of a secure data room and confidentiality agreements to be signed by individuals having access to confidential information; make written findings and recommendations to the Alaska State Legislature.

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Upcoming Board Meeting:

Oil & Gas Competitiveness Review Board Meeting


Tuesday, November 19th 



Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority Board Room

3745 Community Park Loop,

Anchorage, AK 99508 


Audio Teleconference Access:
Call-in toll-free number: 1-800-315-6338

Access Code: 23011#

For Public Participation:
Dial in five minutes in advance of the meeting start time. 

Special Notices: If you are calling-in for public participation, immediately put your phone on mute unless it is during the public comment period or you have been asked otherwise.  Please do not put your call on hold during this teleconference, instead hang up and then re-call in to the meeting. These steps are taken to prevent any disruptions and audio feedback.


Past Committee Documents:

Public Notice for O&GCRB Meeting on 10.1.2019


Regulatory/Permitting Committee

 Labor/Workforce Committee

Infrastructure Committee

Fiscal/Tax Regime Committee

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Energizing Investments: A Framework to Improve Alberta's Natural Gas and Conventional Oil Competitiveness

(Government of Alberta, Canada)


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